Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is an area to the top of the hill overlooking Clerkenwell. It actually got its name from the very unpleasantness of the area, being an area of bog land.
Originally it had an old prison there, part of the walls of which are incorporated in the Post Office sorting office there. this sorting office is the biggest in Europe, certainly, possibly the world.

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A view to the East from the roof of the Sorting Office, linked to the Clerkenwell Page

A view to the west - linked to the west end

The view to the west, with the Telecom Tower in the distance - use it to go to the West End of London

To the North - use for Golders Green

The Northerly aspect - linked to Golders Green since that is in North London

The Holiday Inn next door

The Holiday Inn next door, one of two very big hotels built in the area and seemingly very popular with tour companies. However, I feel sad for the punters, not a very 'nice' area and distant from the underground.

The Yard - use to look at transport in London

Looking down into the Sorting Office Yard before the Vans 'hit the streets'. If you have been to the surface transport parts of the site, you may have been struck by how congested London is. However, the Post Office have a wonderful, little known, advantage:-

Mail Rail

Mail Rail!!

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