Mail Rail

This is a superb system, a credit to the foresight of our ancestors. It was dreamed up in 1909 and opened in 1927. It has 50 trains each of which can pull 10 tons of Mail along 23 miles of 2ft gauge track from Whitechaple to Paddington, generally east/west across London in 9ft wide tunnels.
The system is run from Mount Pleasant and the maintainance workshops are there. In my humble opinion, it would be a great disaster for London if this were to close, as sometimes muted. Extending would be far more sensible in today's conditions, even if it is an expensive option. Money is wasted on far more stupid things after all.
My thanks go out to the Post Office for their permission to take and use these pictures.

The Control Room

The Control Room, click for more pictures of here

Mount Pleasant Station

A Train standing on the through line at Mount Pleasant Station, Click for more of here

Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station - click for more of here

The workshops

The Workshops - click for more of here

The Yard - use to surface again

An escape route to the surface

London Underground

If you are into trains or just a mole - then use this one to go to the London Underground proper.

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