Clerkenwell and Farringdon area

A very old part London within the EC1 post code. The area is now seeing it's fortunes change as it becomes a 'trendy' sort of place to be.
Several of the buildings are 300 years old or more. Now some are being converted from office/light factory to residential. I suspect that in years to come it will go through the roof price wise.
Like so many places, the name is lost in the mists of time to most people. But Clerkenwell is named after a genuine well and it still exists. An Office building in Farringdon Lane is on the site, but the well is featured in one of the windows:-

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The Clerken well - use to go to Mount Pleasant

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The Clerken well - use to go to The Smithfield Meat Market and Charterhouse Square

The area is quite well serviced by buses, but the main way most people get to the area for work is by underground (tube or electric wheels) since the roads are small and very congested. The local station being Farringdon:-

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One of the highlights of the area, I suppose, is Clerkenwell Green, in the centre. Perhaps once it may have been green, but now it is paved with a few trees.

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Clerkenwell Green

However it is bordered by buildings ranging from the Old Sessions House (Court House) dating from the 1720's or thereabouts and dominating the west side of the green, to very modern. An interesting mix.
The sessions house is now the Central London Masonic Meeting House, where, by the way, my mother Lodge meets. The place is open to all to visit and does quite a business in hosting other non-Masonic meetings, seminars and courses.
Come inside and have a look around:-

Clerkenwell Masonic

Clerkenwell Masonic meeting House - come inside and visit.

This site is dedicated to an enjoyment of London, it's buildings and functions, with a dedication to trying to show places not usually seen by the public, to show different angles to the common or to try to give a feel for the place to those who have never been. It is NOT to discuss masonry, politics or religion. I will not usually bother to answer e mails on these subjects. This rear view picture is linked to the United Grand Lodge of England web site to answer all your queries and all I will say to both well meaning and skeptics alike is go there look, see, think, discuss it with Masons you may know and then eventually I hope to meet you as a brother sometime.

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Rear (west side) of the Sessions house. Linked to the United Grand Lodge of England for queries and discussion of Masonry

visit St. James' Church

The steeple of St. James' Church taken from the roof of the Old Sessions House, Click to visit it

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