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Not an easy thing to do, let me assure you. All transport has to be self financing and successive governments have been anti-car so the system is a bit creaky and expensive to say the least. The prats in power now are just anti-anything which keeps people mobile.

On the Underground

Onto the underground

A Central line train emerges from its burrow to take you on your way

The underground system is extensive and basically on two levels, the original "steam" lines which were, in reality cuttings, which have been covered over as the pressures for space increased. Followed by the "deep lines" like the Northern, pioneered by that great engineer Mr. Greatorex. The only engineer I know to have a statue to his honour. It stands at Bank, outside the Bank of England. The system being extensive with many interconnections, so it is reflected here. Enjoy the maze!!

By Bus

on the buses

London transport seems to have become represented by the Routemaster type of bus which preceded the one above, in London. This was a London Transport design and a very good one, being in service even today. The Routemaster is a development of what was once the standard type of double decker Bus in the UK. This example is plowing it's way west on Piccadilly.



Of course this section could not be complete without the traditional Black Cab or Taxi. These are still governed by old laws going back to the Hansom Cab days. Roof must be high enough to accommodate a top hatted man and there must be a bale of hay in the back for the horse!! So lets travel in some comfort and sod the cost.

Overground Trains

AKA British Rail and the myrad of sucessors. The main way of getting into London from outside the reach of the Underground. But damndably expensive!!

Find the Choo Choos!!

Mail Rail

And, thanks to the Post Office, here is the near unknown underground railway in London - Mail Rail, a private rail system running east west carrying the city's mail.

Mail Rail

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