Golders Green

A suburb in the north of London, where I usually catch a train into the City.
When I first "came south" I lived near here. Then it was a very classy area, mainly Jewish in character and the shops were very up market.
Now it seems to have been blighted with the Brent Cross Shopping Mall nearby, the shops have done down and the area seems to becoming more of an immigrant area (if slightly above the usual level for such).

Get the Underground out

Golders Green Cross - Next to underground station

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Looking from the cross down North Green Road, the main shopping Centre - Linked to Camden for a contrast

Escape to the city

Maybe the area's only claim to fame - the BBC Symphony Orchestra building, next the station


The shops, do not follow the link - your Bank Manager will NOT like it!!

Go to Archway

The shops in North End Road

central London

The Living (?) - The Ridgeway

visit here

and the dead - Golders Green Crem

STOP!! Not as bad as it looks. This is now one of my favorite places in London. Behind the grim facade, there is one of the best formal gardens around - come inside and see - Please!!

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