The Natwest Tower

Now the International Finance Centre
The tower was extensively damaged by an IRA bomb several years back and is now just being re-inhabited.
The following views were taken from it's roof areas outside the top extension, which houses the main part of the buildings plant:-

Go to Lombard Street

The tower taken from the roof The Royal Bank of Scotland in Lombard Street

To the Tower of London

A view down the river (Thames) to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge

To Holborn Circus

St. Paul's Cathedral

To Clerkenwell for now

Finsbury Circus

Join the underground

Liverpool Street Station

Go to the West End

A view up the river towards Westminster (the 'real' capitol of London) on a misty morning in February.

Go to Gracechurch Street

Looking over the top of the Head Office of Barclays Bank to the river

(the rounded top building)

Go to sugarquay for now

Another similar view capturing HMS Belfast at it's mooring.

The Belfast being the sole remaining WWII cruiser of the Royal Navy

Go to Bank

Threadneedle Street with the Corn Exchange centered and Mansion House facing the road intersection outside the Bank of England

New Broad Street leading to the Bank of England

New Broad Street leading to the Bank of England

Linked to America House for now

Next door

Over towards Clerkenwell

Over towards Clerkenwell

Over towards Camden

Over towards Camden, at a pinch

Use for Golders Green

North East, maybe, but still, we'll use it for Golders Green for now

Bishopsgate for Leadenhall

Bishopsgate for Leadenhall

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