Sugar Quay

This is a part of the North bank of the river Thames just to the west of the Tower of London. It is dominated by the head offices of Tate and Lyle and E D & F Mann.

The river bank is accessible to tourists and others.

The pictures here are from the roof of the Tate and Lyle/E D & F Mann Offices and from the bank of the river at low tide on the 26th September 1998

Tower bridge from the roof

The entrance to the Tower of London from the roof

Butler's Quay on the south bank and the fore parts of HMS Belfast, again from the roof.

The back end of HMS Belfast from the roof. Bye the bye, if you skipped the previous pages, HMS Belfast is the sole remaining Cruiser from WWII, now at permanent moorings in the river as a tourist money box (Quite an interesting visit if you are an ex-seaman like me)

Looking West - ie, upstream - methinks London Bridge

Floating landing stage for the river buses (Tourist things mainly)

All Hallows by the Tower Steeple. An interesting very old Church and well worth popping into if in the area.

Minster Court - a very big development within the City by the Prudential Assurance Company. Quite striking lines, one of the few 'modern' buildings I admit to actually liking. Locally often referred to as Muster Towers owing to it's medieval style for sharp pointed bits.

A long shot from the roof to the Monument.

The tracks in the foreground, for anyone interested are the run ways for the building window cleaning gear.

The Monument is a tower erected as, strangely, a monument to the great fire of London in the 17 century.

Over the top of a soon to be gone excuse for a shopping mall and Trinity square to the Port of London Authority Offices. Very detailed and full of statues.

From the riverbank to Tower Bridge, landing stage in foreground.

HMS Belfast from the bank

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