Great Queen Street

Running between Convent Garden and Kingsway (more or less an extension of Long Acre) is a very unusual street. Quite short and narrow, it is known to millions throughout the world, because it contains the Head Quarters of the United Grand Lodge of English Freemasonry. This building, built after the first world war as a celebration of Peace, dominates the road and the junction with Long Acre and Drury Lane.

Freemasons' Hall from Long Acre - Use to visit The Grand Lodge of England

Freemasons' Hall from Long Acre - Use to visit The Grand Lodge of England.

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The tower - use to return to Central London Page

Drury Lane entrance at the base of the tower

Drury Lane entrance at the base of the tower, usually not used, except when there are major functions going on there. Click on to enter.

Great Queen Street facade

Great Queen Street facade.

Freemasonry is not a secret society, it is open to near all who ASK to join. We can not ask a person to become one. (Yes, not just men, there is female Freemasonry under their own constitution). Freemasons Hall is open to all who visit, just step inside. Conducted tours are run hourly by members of staff (for free). So step inside, by clicking the picture below, and join one such tour.

The main entrance, come on in

The Main Entrance to Freemasons' Hall. Come on in.

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The presence of Freemasons' Hall in Great Queen Street begs the attraction of Regalia shops and the like. The most famous of these must, perhaps, be Toye, Kenning and Spencer, formed recently by the merger of two competitors.

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Inside the door of Toye, Kenning and Spencers' emporium

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The other such shop in the street is Central Regalia

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