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London is a fair old size and is a City of contrasts. Turn a corner and often everything is different. This site is set up that way. It is eventually hoped to cover most parts, with most, if not all, pictures clickable links to give the effect of turning that corner. The idea being that you are in a maze (just like any ancient city) and can wander around, never quite knowing what is round the next corner.
Sadly the majority of the pictures are still those taken using a crap Cassio Camera I was stupid enough to buy. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR, STAY AWAY FROM CASSIO. Crap gear and worse service!!
The later ones are taken with a (so far) dream of an Olympus D-340R. These are indicated on the relevent pages and the full sized versions of the web pictures are available on request. These are free to collectors, Masonic Lodges, educational establishments and Charities. Charges for commercial usage by arrangement. The same applies to the smaller 'web friendly' ones on the site, provided I know in advance. All later pictures are Digimarked for copyright and of course the usual threats apply for both the 'on site' and other versions being used without authority.

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