The Central London Meat Market
Smithfield Meat Market

Situated in EC1, bordered by Clerkenwell and next Barts Hospital the market has been around for some time.
The south west part was demolished care of our EC partners in the last bit of aggro and thus is recent. The North East is 19th century and has recently undergone extensive refurbishment.
I think that the powers that be there are to be congratulated on building a modern meat market within the old building, yet still retaining the delightful highlights of the original building.

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Looking down from The Royal Bank of Scotland Building in Charterhouse Square to the North West

Enter the Market

Giving some idea of the size of the place, a view from the same place as above, of the west side.

Go to Holborn Circus

Looking across the roof to the dome of St. Paul's and Holborn Circus.

Go to the West End

Looking across Cloth Fair from a roof in Middle Street towards the south west.

To Charterhouse Square and Poirot's Flats

The North West Tower

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Keith J. (Boiler Bill) Chesworth