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Gentle surfer, you have stumbled on, perhaps, the largest collection of pictures relating to this metropolis. Please feel free to wander the rooftops, roads and tunnels depicted by over 800 unique pictures, contained on over 180 pages.
In order to ease your cyber tour a frame set and directory structure have been employed. These come into being on the next page.
If you do not wish to use the directory then it can be hidden by drawing the frame division across it. Thus it is still there for when you get lost!!
Either way enjoy yourself.
The directory will take you to the general area chosen, from there delve in deeper using the clickable links formed by the pictures. Sometimes there are complete tours or localities hiding behind the first page you come to. A real warren or maze to get lost in, just like the real thing!!

It should be understood that this must be one of the oldest, un-revised sites on the web now, having started aboout 1998 and filling it's space allocation on the original servers by about 2002. Newer London sites from me are linked and accessible through happysnapper.com.

For the techies the site is set up using a screen res., of 1024x760 32bit.

Please feel free to e-mail the webmaster - links on all pages.

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