Clerkenwell Masonic Meeting House - The Old Sessions House

Welcome to this very ancient and beautiful building where I've sweated many an hour over ritual and enjoyed much good company.
On entering you pass through a vestibule, where you will be met by a Doorman. Then you enter the main hall under a great dome where you are faced by the main stairway. At the top of this is the portrait of the Grand Master of England, The Duke of Kent. You will always see this Portrait in our places.
The Hall also contains the Elizabethan Bar.

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The main or Grand Staircase - linked to the United Grand Lodge of England for more information on Masonry

The Clerken well

The Dome

Beneath this dome is wonderful detail work and heraldry

detail work

detail work

detail work

The Elizabethan Bar

After a drink or two here we would then go into one of the temples for the meeting. It should be understood here that the word temple in this ancient context means MEETING PLACE, not a religious place. Prayers are offered at the beginning and ending of Lodges, but to the deity of choice of the members. We require an acceptance of one God, but by which means a member comes to that God is up to them.

Go to our Temples

The Masters Chair in Lodge Room or Temple 5. Come in and look around.

After the meeting we retire to either the bar above or to the Dungeon Bar below. Being an old Court House, there were dungeons down here!!

detail work

The Dungeon Bar

detail work

The Dungeon Bar

Before finally settling down to a meal together, called the Festive Board.

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Dining Room - Think we are still secretive - click here!!

Think we are still secretive? There are thousands of books and large numbers of web pages on Masonry, for and against. You pays your money and takes your choice, but click above for a final nudge.

Bye - back to Clerkenwell

Those domes from the beginning and Lodge room 5, this time from the outside

Visit Freemasons Hall

The steeple of St. James' Church taken from the roof, use it to visit the "Head Office" of English Freemasonry at Freemasons' Hall

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